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GenCon - the gaming convention

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Gencon [04 Aug 2010|11:10pm]

[ mood | excited ]

We're going to be in the exhibiiton ahll this year! So if your planning on attending come look us up. We'll be seeling wings and cloaks. We will also be taking orders for costume custom costumes.

Some of our wing designs under here!.Collapse )
We are booth #2447 over by the cheese weasel prize booth. Speaking of which... when you come by our booth to participate in cheese weasel you'll be entered to win and awesome cloak.
when you come by our booth to participate in cheese weasel you'll be entered to win this awesome cloak.Collapse )

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Different Drummer Belly Dancers @ Gen Con 2010 [04 Aug 2010|09:06am]


Hello friends! Yup, I'm packing up and heading off with my beloved troupe, Different Drummer Belly Dancers,  to Gen Con Indy - The Best Four Days in Gaming! Check out our schedule and link to our Twitter feed from our schedule page - http://www.ddbd.org/gencon/schedule.html. You can also read below.

Different Drummer Belly Dancers Schedule for Gen Con Indy 2010


Want to keep up to date with Different Drummer Belly Dancers at Gen Con? Follow us on our Twitter account: http://twitter.com/ddbd. We have some specials planned this year. ;)


Somewhere in the Convention Center we will create a stage and dance! Our Roving Performances will happen somewhere near the Exhibit Hall/Registration area in the Convention Center. We will dance from 15-30 minutes depending on our set. Come find us and enjoy!

Roving Performances

Thursday, August 5 - 1 pm & 6 pm
Friday, August 6 - 1 pm & 6 pm
Sunday, August 8 - 10:30 am

Pre-Costume Contest Show! - Saturday, August 7, 3:45 pm

This is our big show, the one we are famous for at Gen Con. Come see us salute a new selection of fandom music. Make sure to get to the Costume Contest early in order to get a seat.

Saturday Night Special! 7:30 pm

We have a special performance planned for 7:30 pm Saturday night! What is it? Well you'll just have to ask us at our booth! Better yet, check Twitter - http://twitter.com/ddbd.



The class Belly Dance Is For Every Body! introduces participants to the ancient art of belly dance. Young, old, male, female, all shapes, sizes, and colors are welcome to come and dance. Remember: If you have a belly, you can belly dance. :)

Below is our class schedule. Note that the rooms may change so be sure to check your Gen Con schedule.

Thursday, August 5th:

Belly Dance Is For Every Body! - 11 am.-Noon - Westin Grand Ballroom I
Belly Dance Is For Every Body! - 3-4 pm. - Westin Grand Ballroom V

Friday, August 6th:

Belly Dance Is For Every Body! - 11 am.-Noon - Westin Grand Ballroom I
Belly Dance Is For Every Body! - 3-4 pm. - Westin Foyer

Sunday, August 8th:

Advanced Belly Dance - 1-2 pm. - Westin Grand Ballroom I
Note: If you've had a class with us, or another teacher before, then join us for some fun choreography!



Open Entire Con inside the Exhibitor Hall!

Come visit us at our booth for beautiful merchandise for dancing and costuming. There will also, of course, be dancing!

$5 Off Friday! Stop by the booth for details! 

Online Shopping:

Once Gen Con is over *sob* you can always find what you need in our online stores! Check out DDBD - Shop and T-Kitty Belly Dance!


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Gencon [25 May 2010|11:04am]

Domestic Hippie creations officially has its booth in the exhibition hall. Wings and cloaks will be the primary stock but I will also be making some "wench" blouses in a better variety of sizes than I typically see at cons. I'm also going to be making some dice bags other small items. I will also be available to take measurements in person for those who are considering commissions.

I don't completely know how I will costume myself since I will be 6 months pregnant by then.:)

Some of what I wore during Gencon last yearCollapse )
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Skeptical Gamers and Gen Con [26 Mar 2010|03:27pm]

The Skeptical Gamers and The Lafayette Skeptics will be raising funds for the Indiana Immunization Coalition at Gen Con Indy 2010.

The Skeptical Gamers will have a booth in the Family Fun Pavilion. Some members will perform amateur magic tricks and feats of mentalism in exchange for donations. All proceeds from the booth will go to the Indiana Immunization Coalition.

Said Don Riefler, lead organizer, "Indiana's childhood immunization rate is as low as 70% in some parts of the state, due mostly to poor public health education. With the funds we raise, the Indiana Immunization Coalition will spearhead a new educational initiative to help correct this deficit and stop the resurgence of preventable childhood diseases like measles and mumps, as we have seen in the UK and the Bronx."

Volunteers at the booth will also hand out educational pamphlets and try to raise awareness about immunization.

In additional to fund-raising, The Skeptical Gamers will also have presentations throughout Gen Con Indy. Subjects will include cryptozoology, archaeology, building local skeptical communities, and financial scams. Jen Meyers, a blogger at skepchick.org, Illinois educator Tom Foss, Riefler, and podcaster Colin Thornton will be among the presenters.

"We're a group of regular folks, all passionate about science and rational thinking, and we hope to impress that passion upon some of the people at Gen Con Indy," said Riefler

Gen Con Indy 2010 will be held at the Indiana Convention Center from August 5-8.
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Gary Gygax and Gen Con news [18 Jan 2010|02:51pm]

Press Release from Gen Con:

INDIANAPOLIS - (January 18, 2010) At the 43rd Gen Con Indy this summer, there will be a special once in a lifetime event taking place. Personal items belonging to Gary Gygax are being donated to raise money for his memorial fund. The donated items will be auctioned off at Gen Con's annual auction with portions of the proceeds going to The Gygax Memorial Fund.

Gary's wife, Gail Gygax has set up a non-profit charity in order to raise funds to erect a memorial of the late E. Gary Gygax in Library Park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is the birthplace of Gen Con. Current plans for the memorial include a bronze bust of Gary set on a castle torrent with a dedication plaque. All plans are pending final approval of the Lake Geneva City Council.

According to Gail Gygax, "Gary Gygax gave millions of men and women a reason to open a book. They developed life long relationships, all thru the guise of a game."

Gary is best known for co-creating the pioneering role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) with Dave Arneson. He played a special part in Gen Con as well. He was the founder of Gen Con and held the first meeting at his home in Lake Geneva, which gave way to the name Gen Con as in Geneva Convention.

Please visit www.gygaxmemorialfund.com to learn more details.
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Different Drummer Belly Dancers at Gen Con Indy!! [12 Aug 2009|09:01am]

Find out what Different Drummer Belly Dancers are doing by going here - http://www.ddbd.org/gencon/schedule.html. Goodies for sale, performances, classes, gaming, and belly dance!!!!

We would love to see you and enjoy
Gen Con!
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GenCon is almost here [11 Aug 2009|07:07am]

So, I'm heading to Indy tomorrow morning and looking forward to the show.

Some early GenCon links:

A GenCon New Releases thread on RPGnet.

There are 2 pre-show episodes of This Just in From GenCon available now.

Author and Game Designer Jess Hartley has a series of articles called GenCon for the Aspiring Professional.

If you have other pre-show threads or news, please post some links.

Any new books or games you are particularly looking forward to at the show this year?
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Comedy Music at GenCon Indy [05 Aug 2009|06:51pm]

Greetings, gang. My name is Tom Smith, and I'm a long-time gamer (over 30 years, jeez, I didn't even realize that until I typed it) and a comedy musician. I'll be wandering around GenCon performing, as well as doing a couple of concerts Thursday and Saturday nights:
  • Thursday, 8/13
    • roving, 11:00-12:00
    • roving, 5:00-7:00
    • event, 10:00-11:00 (location TBA)
  • Friday, 8/14
    • roving, 10:00-12:00
    • roving, 3:00-4:00
  • Saturday, 8/15
    • roving, 1:00-3:00
    • roving, 6:00-7:00
    • event, 10:00-11:00 (location TBA)
  • Sunday, 8/16
    • roving, 1:00-3:00
"Roving" basically means I'll be wandering the convention center and singing for 15-20 minutes in any particular location. I'll probably do a lot in the dealers' hall and the long hallway outside it, but I plan to shlep upstairs as well.

My event concerts have a $2.00 admission fee, as far as I know, charged by the con. I didn't have any control over that, and I don't get any of it. Good thing I've got CDs for sale. ;) My table is in the performers' space in the main dealers' hall -- please do come up and say Hi. If you haven't heard my stuff before, please check out my web site, tomsmithonline.com. I've got lots of freebies to download, and an MP3 player with about ten albums' worth of stuff to listen to.

Two other guys you might know of will be there as well -- Marc Gunn and The Great Luke Ski.
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ENnie Award Voting is now open [24 Jul 2009|08:53am]

I'm giving folks a heads-up that the ENnie Awards Voting is now open and runs until August 1st.

You can see the complete list of Nominees and click the (details) for more information.

If you are unsure what to vote for and looking for suggestions you can check out Matt's Picks or the Summer Revolution from the folks at IPR.

Go vote if you get the chance and support your favorite products & publishers.

The winners will be announced Friday night during GenCon.
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Looking to find someone to replace me in a room at the Hilton [20 Jul 2009|05:22pm]

Hi, folks!

I am presented with an odd situation (considering that last month I was convinced I'd be sleeping under the table at my booth), in that now I have more hotel beds than I can occupy!

I made arrangements through the forums to share a room with a very nice person, and then was told that someone had already gotten me a room as part of booth operations.

ANYWAY, because I do not want to be That Person who coldly leaves a fellow gamer in the lurch, I am looking to find someone to replace me in a shared room at the Hilton. You'd get your own bed, and it would be $75 a night.

If you're interested, drop me a private message or email me at kendokamel at yahoo.com.

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[15 Jun 2009|07:15pm]


A new music festival is taking place at GenCon this year called DrachenFest.

Read about it here.
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What do the people want [12 Jun 2009|12:01am]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm trying figure out quanities of things and since I'm new to vending... I want to know what people want. Next year I want do a costume booth with a few different items. I have some queastions. If this this is not ok with the moderation please let me know.

queastions under hereCollapse )

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The Flames Rising Send a Friend to Gen Con Indy 2009 Contest! [10 Jun 2009|03:10pm]

Drop by the Flames Rising website to check out the latest contest!

Flames Rising has been attending Gen Con for several years and we’ve always had a great time. Now we want to share the fun with one, lucky Flames Rising reader. This year, Flames Rising is pleased to announce we’re hosting a Gen Con Indy 2009 contest to celebrate this year’s event. We have a very cool prize pack that includes a free, 4-Day pass to the convention and some gaming gear from some awesome publishers.

Since Gen Con is centered on friendship and fun, we want you to recommend a winner for our contest! That's right, tell us who think should win and why. Get all the details at the website:

Send a Friend to Gen Con Indy 2009!
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Anyone else having problems with the new reg system? [07 Feb 2009|09:40am]

I followed the instructions in the email to the letter, but I seem to be locked out and unable to "create a new account", because my old account exists.

I'm fine with making a new username, but I am NOT going to create a new email account JUST for GenCon.

I've already emailed tech support about it, but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same thing, and/or if there are any suggestions.
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Revised Offer for Gen Con [06 Jan 2009|06:12pm]


A new offer from the mysterious Gen Con Acquisition Group (now a Delaware LLC) for the assets of Gen Con LLC has been filed with the bankruptcy court handling Gen Con’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy, along with objections to Gen Con’s Amended Plan of Reorganization from the GAG and Lucasfilm. GAG has also become a creditor of Gen Con through the acquisition of the $31,000 claim of LGC Associates, a search firm.

Complete article at the link above.
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GenCon Makes Good to Make-A-Wish Foundation [01 Dec 2008|03:17pm]


With the Bankruptcy Court's Blessing

GenCon LLC has announced that it has received the approval of the bankruptcy court to pay the Make-A-Wish Foundation funds that were raised in a charity auction last year. As a result of a ruling issued by Judge Thomas T. Glover, who put the children who are aided by the Make-A-Wish Foundation first in line, a wire for nearly $150,000 is on its way to the Foundation. According to GenCon LLC President Adrian Swartout: “A key element of our reorganization plan has always been to treat Make-A-Wish as a separate class of creditor and it was our sincere hope that we would be allowed to pay them in full upon court acceptance of our Plan. We are simply thrilled to have received permission from the court with the support of our creditors’ committee to pay them in full right now, especially before the holiday season.”

GenCon filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February as a result of an ill-fated attempt to expand its core business to include externally licensed events. The current management of GenCon reports that in 2008 the company has had its first profitable year since 2005 and that the company is now in position to fund its plan to emerge from Chapter 11. When asked by ICv2 if its plan had been filed yet, or approved by the court, or if this payment was approved in advance of approval of the plan, GenCon’s Swartout replied: “This payment was approved in advance of the final plan being filed or approved. Essentially the judge read our disclosure statement and noted our proposal to treat Make-A-Wish as a separate class of creditor and to pay them in full upon confirmation of our plan. He didn’t see any reason to wait another month for the plan confirmation and issued the order to pay Make-A-Wish effective immediately.”
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Eleventh Hour Offer for GenCon [25 Nov 2008|12:24pm]

From: http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/13803.html

Gen Con LLC, which has been in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings since February (see “GenCon Files Chapter 11”), has delayed the filing of its final plan and disclosure statement for emerging from bankruptcy as the result of an eleventh hour offer to purchase that arrived on the day before the plan was to be filed, according to Gen Con Chief Operating Officer Adrian Swartout. A hearing was held by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Washington last Friday, November 21st, at which the plan was to be presented, but a delay was granted as a result of the offer, Swartout told ICv2. Swartout declined to discuss the offer itself.

Swartout confirmed that Gen Con’s litigation with Lucasfilm (see “Lucasfilm Sues GenCon”) was dismissed earlier this month in anticipation of a settlement.

Complete article at the link above.

GAMA, Paizo and the folks who run PAX have all confirmed they are _not_ part of the group making the buyout offer.
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Wrap-up? [25 Aug 2008|10:36am]

So, how was the convention?

The convention went pretty well for me. We won an ENnie, sold a bunch of books, lined up some new interviews and reviews for Flames Rising and generally had a great time.

I posted a new Flash Fire Mini-Review column with some of the new books I picked up throughout the convention.

Anyway, what about you?
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Evil Fleet event announcement [11 Aug 2008|01:14pm]

This has been posted by my husband on several of the Gencon-related boards. We wanted to make sure it want out to as many people as possible to reach those who may be signed up for the cancelled events:

One of our GMs asked me to post this message:


Due to unexpected work demands I won't be able to come to GenCon this year. I am cancelling my events, as their scheduled times overlap with the times when other Evil Fleet GMs are running their events. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and for the short notice. The canceled events are:
Ratchet It Up a Notch, World of Warcraft D20 (both sessions canceled)
The Generation Gap, Champions (both sessions canceled)
All other Evil Fleet games will go on as scheduled, of course. Please enjoy all your other events at this year's con and I hope to see you next year!

David Scheftel


Let me add that I'm very sorry to anyone who purchased tickets to these events. I'm not sure if I can cancel these events now, or if I'll have to wait until Wednesday when they open their doors at the site. Our other events are being held in the C&O Room at Union Station. If anyone has any trouble getting their tickets refunded for any reason, please find me at the C&O room and I'll refund your money for you. I'll be there Thursday from 1-5 pm and 7-11 pm. I'll also be there Friday from 6 pm - midnight, and Saturday from 7pm - 1am. Our other events will all run as scheduled.

Again, I apologize to anyone inconvenienced by this late cancellation.

David Wulatin
Evil Fleet Productions
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ENnie Awards [30 Jul 2008|05:16pm]

Just a heads-up that voting for the ENnie Awards is now live.

The Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (the "ENnies") are an annual fan-based celebration of excellence in tabletop roleplaying gaming. The ENnies give game designers, writers and artists the recognition they deserve. It is a peoples' choice award, and the final winners are voted upon by the gaming public at EN World.

To check out the nominees you can visit the Nominees Page and read up on the Summer Revolution recommendations.

The Dream Date Auctions are also live for folks looking to attend the event.

The annual GenCon EN World RPG Awards are a celebration of excellence in table-top RPGs. So what better way to celebrate than sharing the table at the awards ceremony with your favourite game designers and publishers? Or if a designer can't make it that night, how about representing them at the ceremony? All winners of the Dream Date Auctions enjoy reserved seating at the tables close to the stage with the publishers.
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